Your wedding is special!

Deciding on the person you want to be your voice as you recite your vows and promises to each other will be one of the most serious choices you will make about your wedding celebration. You will want someone who will take the time to learn about you as a couple and vision of the day, encouraging and accepting input from you. One who is caring and professional and who will be sensitive to your wishes as well as having the ability and experience to speak eloquently on your behalf. One who will be a calming presence on you wedding day as you recite your vows and promises to each other as you join your lives together.

With a calling and passion for what I do, I welcome the opportunity of getting to know you, to assisting you in creating your customized ceremony, to participating in one of life’s time honored traditions and to sharing in your joyous celebration whether it be marriage, commitment ceremony or vow renewal.

For me, the wedding ceremony is all about celebrating your relationship! I tell my couples that there is a reason that they are getting married in front of family and friends, instead of just taking care of the legalities at the County Clerk’s office. You want to celebrate your relationship in front of the people who matter most to you. And that’s exactly what we will do together! With a fun, personal, meaningful, and non-traditional ceremony that fits you and your relationship, truly celebrating who you are together.

Whether you are non-religious, spiritual, inter-faith, a touch religious (or need a touch or a slight feel to satisfy a family member), or somewhere in between – and no matter what else it is that makes you who you are together – I am committed to creating a personalized wedding that incorporates your beliefs and values, celebrates who you are as a couple, and includes components and traditions that represent you best.

I want to be part of your special day. As a priest, wedding officiant and celebrant, I will design, create, and perform a unique ceremony just for you, as it will be about you. Your ceremony can be simple, traditional, contemporary, or as elaborate and eclectic as you desire. Regardless of the style, it will be perfect for you. I believe your ceremony should be a personal reflection of your current relationship and of your future years together.

The process begins with an in-person meeting (or via Skype or FaceTime if you are not based in the Hudson Valley) to see if we are a good fit for each other. We will discuss what is important to you, what you want and don’t want from your ceremony, and then we’ll talk about my process and how I work, including talking about some other ideas you may not have heard about. Then, we will design a ceremony that truly reflects who you are, and your wishes for your ceremony – and that truly celebrates you in the way you deserve to be celebrated.

I promise to then present your ceremony, professionally and with caring, that will bring you and your guests tears of joy and plenty of smiles.