A Memorial Ceremony marks the passing of an interval of time after the death of a loved one.

It is a way of remembering them and reconnecting with the friends and family who were part of the deceased person’s life and who treasure their memory.

A Memorial Ceremony is positive and affirming, because it restates the importance of the beloved person’s life.

It is also healing, because time has passed and the initial grief has had time to soften into acceptance.

I would like to share some beautiful ideas if you are considering a memorial ceremony.


Please contact me directly or ask your Funeral Director to contact me by phone or email or use the contact me page on this website.


Stipend for services is $250.
Mileage fee applies for venues over 5 miles from Beacon NY. For every mile from Beacon is $2.00 one way.
For funerals and memorial services in NYC and LI an additional $100 surcharge is added to cover bridge and parking fees. with additional charge for NYC