I had never thought about becoming a reverend and performing marriages until some good friends asked me if I would serve as their officiant.  It turned out to be one of the most beautiful, spiritual experiences of my life, and what I thought would be a one-of turned out to be a true calling.  When I am talking to a couple and learning their story, and then helping them to plan their ideal, personal ceremony, I know this is where I belong and what I should be doing.  

I have been blessed to be mentored by Reverend Jim Rooney at Beacon Hermitage.  Beacon Hermitage has served as a spiritual and creative retreat in the Hudson Valley for all people of good will for over ten years.  Reverend Rooney is a priest, minister and officiant like no other, with an impressive resume and a long history of bringing people together in love.  Learning from him has been, and continues to be, a wonderful and enriching experience.

I grew up in Connecticut and moved to the spectacular Hudson Valley as a young adult.  My religious and spiritual background is one of exploration and curiosity   I have a good understanding of most religions, but I am unaffiliated with any one specific school of thought.  I believe that God is whatever that means to each person; the way they see love and wonder, manifested on earth.   I believe how we treat one another and our world is more important than which philosophy we choose to follow.  I honor whatever path people take to find their personal spirituality.  

I'm a happy mother, and a happy partner in a long and joyful relationship.  We have chosen not to marry, and that may seem like an odd choice for an officiant, but it is perfectly in line with my general philosophy:  Your relationship should be whatever the two of you want it to be, and it shouldn't be defined by what anyone else thinks.  My wish is that you have a marriage that is a warm, happy and safe home for both of you; one that provides love and support for your lifetimes.  It is my great privilege to help make your wedding day a reflection of what makes you and your relationship special and beautiful, and to help make it a cherished memory for you, your family and friends to look back on with pleasure for the rest of your lives.