My name is Rev. Jim Rooney. My mum and dad, Robert and Betty Rooney, had one girl and nine boys. My dad died at the age of 48 years old of lung cancer in 1976. I am the proud Uncle and Great Uncle of many of my siblings children and Grand Children. I entered Scotus College Seminary in Glasgow, Scotland in 1988, and was ordained a priest in 1995, giving me many years of experience of empowering families to discern, prepare, and celebrate their particular ceremonies.

I am a member of Citi Ministries and The International Council of Community Churches; www.citiministries.org and www.icccusa.com. We provide services throughout the United States. Our mission is to be available to current and former Catholics as well as those of other faiths who wish to be married with some element of spirituality, but cannot or choose not to be married in the Institutional Church.

While a member of the Roman Catholic clergy, I spent 13 years as canonical priest in the Diocese of Glasgow, Scotland, 8 of which were as a chaplain for patients, families and staff at St. Vincent’s Catholic Hospital, Manhattan.

I left the clerical state (but not the priesthood) in 2008 primarily over the issue of mandatory lifelong celibacy demanded of candidates for the priest-hood.

In 2011, I learned of the priests’ organization and have since officiated at numerious marriages in New York. I’m the Founder and Director of Beacon Hermitage where I minister to people from all walks of life. I am available to officiate at weddings, baptisms, funerals of any faith as well as context, for civil ceremonies. I also conduct retreats for individuals and small groups; as a trained Chaplain in Clinical Pastoral Education, I offer chaplaincy/counseling to people from all faith traditions.

People offer us blessed insights into the intense dynamics that make up the creative process. Consequently, my Faith and Ministry have matured to be accepting and welcoming of all Faiths and Beliefs systems.

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